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Foundation for the Nations is a part of YFC International, and is run from offices in Northern Ireland


Foundation for the Nations is an initiative by Youth For Christ to draw together suitable YFC projects from around the world with those who have the financial capacity to make them happen. 

Our motto is “Wealth into Worth for the World”, and we exist to help those who are “cash–rich but time–poor” to make informed decisions about safe giving destinations for their hard–earned money.

Founded in 1944 with Dr Billy Graham as the first full–time employee, and now headquartered in Denver, Colorado, YFC operates in about 840 centres in around 120 nations of the world with just under 53,000 staff and volunteers (2015 figures), utilising more than 40 ministry models, from drop–in centres to summer teams, from sports ministries to work with young offenders, from friendship evangelism to outreach on the internet, from working in slums to high–end camps.  See more at

We believe in “making an impression on the clay while it is soft”.  Many studies have shown that the great majority of people who ever come to Christ do so before they leave their teenage years.  This is the time when they are forming their opinions, laying down the faith of their parents (if their parents have one) and seeking a philosophy by which to guide their own lives. 

We have the greatest message ever given to the world.  We may assume that the world knows what that is.  The truth is that the message has not by–and–large been heard and rejected.  In vast tracts of the world, it has simply never been heard at all.

YFC has within its ranks some of the most brilliant and creative youth workers in the world, but their visions and dreams are often stifled at birth simply through lack of funding.  In the west it is difficult to imagine how hard it is to raise finances in majority–Muslim, Orthodox, Buddhist, Hindu or merely atheistic nations for Christian evangelical work, but the fact is that without outside support, many great ideas for reaching young people will remain simply ideas, with no hope of them ever coming to fruition.

Finally, we can say that because we work mostly with indigenous staff, we make an extremely–efficient use of finances.  Our people already speak the language and know the culture of their nation, they know how to live at the same level as local people, they don’t have issues with their children’s education, and they can’t be thrown out of the country.  We estimate that for the cost of keeping one Western family on the field in an Eastern European country, for example – with all the drawbacks of having to learn the language and culture, educate their children, get visas, needing help for the first couple of years for most things – we can keep more than a dozen indigenous staff working full–time.  That’s efficient!

1.     Prayer Partners – people who will undertake to receive irregular news bulletins from us and to pray over specific requests, and for the general work of the Foundation

2.     Enabling Partners – people who, by regular monthly, quarterly or annual giving, provide the core of the day–to–day running costs of Foundation for the Nations.  These faithful folks, Foundations and churches account for about 50% of the running costs of FFTN and are the bedrock of our support.  Currently we are running “very close to the wire” and could do with a few more people to help carry the load.

3.     Project Partners – individuals, couples, corporate or family Trusts or Foundations who, by pledging significant funds, allow us to seek applications from YFC entities around the world for projects in the coming year.  We seek only a one–year–at–a–time commitment from these Partners.

I. Pledge whatever amount you can afford and which God lays on your heart.  We will seek suitable projects from around the YFC world, present them to you and the other Partners, and you grade them according to how likely you are to support each one. 

After aggregating the grades, and the total pledged, we do very thorough Due Diligence on all those projects “above the line” – the line being drawn at the point at which we run out of pledged money.  So for example, if we have a million dollars pledged, we add the “asks” of the top–graded projects until we reach a million dollars.

Once the Due Diligence is done, the Project Partners come together somewhere in the world and decide in detail who will give what to each of the “successful projects” – those which were graded highest.  Then they send their own money to the projects, or send it to us to pass on to them, and we also ask them for an additional 8% of whatever they give to help with the costs of the Foundation.

II.  For those too busy or for whatever reason not inclined to sit around a table and make such decisions, you can entrust money to us, leaving it to us to apportion it as we see fit.  We call these “Entrusted Funds”, and they will be divided by a small group without interference from this office, headed by a very experienced YFC veteran, David Schultz, who will sit around the table each year with the other Project Partners.

III. For those who do not want to be involved in the collegial process of voting for projects, you can simply “buy” one or more projects as soon as the full list of applications comes out in January.  That is, look down the list, spot a project that for whatever reason accords with your desires for your giving, and take responsibility for that project at the amount asked for.  At your request, we can do Due Diligence on the chosen project(s) before you finally part with your money.

In all cases, Project Partners should reckon on an additional 8% to help keep the Foundation running.

Being involved in this Foundation at any level is a wonderful investment in the lives of kids you may never meet until you get to Heaven, when you will find both them and your finances – safe and secure for eternity, and, according to Jesus in Mark 10, your treasure wondrously multiplied!

If you could see yourself participating in this innovative Foundation in one or more of the three ways above, let us know – by email or by a phone call.  We will be mightily encouraged! 

Thank you for anything you can do to take forward this great cause of reaching young people for Jesus!

In His grip and grace.

John Duncan

Executive Director
+44 28 9756 0021

 P.S. Jesus also said (Matthew 6): “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (ESV).  

Some day, when those who are going there get to Heaven, we may express surprise at how little is in our accounts.  Will Jesus say to us: “Which of those words above did you not understand??”

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What we do

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