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425 applications,
over 5 years
138 successful.

Find out more about the results of the first five years of funding.


2019 results by the numbers:

43 projects supported, out of 113 applications

$931,344 awarded

By type, the awards broke down as follows:

For Capital projects: 10 supported      (out of 17 applications)

For Training & Education: 9      (out of 23)

For Media & Materials: 5      (out of 22)

For Staff Support: 4      (out of 13)

For Business As Mission: 3      (out of 7)

For Events: 3      (out of 8)

For Humanitarian efforts: 3      (out of 9)

For Pioneering: 3      (out of 5)

For Vehicles: 2      (out of 6)

For Health initiatives: 1     (out of 2)

For Fund Development: 0      (out of 1)

Successful applications came from several sensitive nations in the Middle East and several in Central, Southern and South–East Asia, plus Armenia, Belarus, Benin, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe Region, Ethiopia, Francophone Africa, Haiti, Hungary,  Lebanon, Moldova, Niger, Northern Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, The Philippines, Uganda and Ukraine.


In 2015 we had 56 applications, requesting a total of $2.28 million.   21 applications were successful.  

In Year 2, 2016 we had 81 applications, requesting a total of $2.33 million.  16 were successful. 

In Year 3, 2017 we had 69 applications, requesting a total of $2.28 million.  26 were successful.

In Year 4, 2018 we had 106 applications, requesting a total of $3.13 million.  29 were successful.  

In Year 5, 2019 we had 113 applications, requesting a total of $2.71 million.  43 were successful.

Here is what some of the 2019 recipients wrote back when they got news of their awards:

The words and speeches do not weigh enough to express our sincere thanks to you and the entire FFTN team and to the project partners who believed in the project we submitted and who agreed to make their resources available for the Gospel to reaches these girls in the most remote villages of Togo and Benin. I can guarantee you that the impact of your ministry is enormous. In a village like Dè Kopé in Togo or another village like Tan in Benin where the girls have no hope or any contact with the outside world and that people like you located at hundreds of thousands of kilometers had at heart to think of them and open to them not only the doors of the kingdom of heaven through the Gospel which will be preached to them, but also that of hope for their body and menstrual hygiene health. Once again you will allow us to carry the gospel to the very remotes villages of Benin and Togo through the project we say thank you and pray the Lord to bless you and your families as well as your work.


Africa Francophone Regional Director


Thank you so much for this great news! WOW! We are rejoicing and celebrating! :–) This is truly an honour for us and we are really thankful to the project partners for their trust and praise God for their faith and generosity.

Thank you very much!

Vlasto Bena and Lucy Smelikova

YFC Slovakia



Praise God!!!!

Many, many blessing to all. God is so good!!!!!!!!!.


(Marian Lipovsky, Slovakia)



My team and I are really thankful to God for these good news and are really looking forward to this new chapter for YFC Cyprus!

Thank you for your prayers and all the work you put into the project. I pray that all the projects that were funded will lead to young people around the world meeting their saviour and have their lives changed by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you and once again, THANK YOU! 

(or as we say in Cyprus, σας ευχαριστώ!)

Loukios Nousios

National Director

Youth for Christ Cyprus


The whole team is beyond words, we are so grateful. This is an answered prayer for us all. I have just announced the good news to the team and everyone who have been praying for this are really encouraged. Thank you.

Jem Mae



I was the whole day with guests and was not able to check my mails. But when I opened my mails, tonight,  I was so blessed by reading all the good news for applications #60 and #59. We are so grateful for the good news you’ve given us about both projects. Taking into consideration that the project #60 was under the line, we are so grateful for the amount the Project Partners where able to give to be able to start to work on the studio and have a good base to use it for extending God’s Kingdom. 

The support for the camp, also, thank you so much. The kids from Bosnia are ready to come and to experience Christ love through the camp we are preparing for them. 

Thank you again for all your effort  and for the great, great and blessed news. 


(Ruben Secen, Croatia)


Hallelujah! Thanks for the good news, Paul. If they could see where it goes and what it accomplishes they would not regret one penny. Randy

(Randy Beaverson, for South Asia sensitive nation)


Yay! Praise the lord!!!!! Godwin Altidor

Pioneering Coordinator– YFC Haiti 


Wow! O my dear Lord, all glory and praise behold to Him.

I just finished my session on Spiritual Journey and in my sharing said, how I trust my Lord and my journey with him who provides our needs. After my session received your email. What a living example of our living Father. PTL.

Bless your hard works for worldwide YFC.


South Asia sensitive nation



Dear John,

Sorry for being absent for so long. As for the good news, so grateful to God for His faithfulness and infinite love and for those hearts that were so obedient to God and sacrificial, thank God for those hearts! I hope and we will bear you good testimonies and together praise Our Father worthy of All Glory.

Thank you and your wonderful team for the great work done.

We are very grateful to you! May God’s hand continue to lead you to spread His kingdom on this earth!


Central Asia sensitive nation


Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for the contacts and the information.

I will send the thank you letter to the Project Partners today with the listed below guidelines.

I also want to confirm that we received the money in our bank account.

I am very thankful for all your work, the donors and God’s mercy in all of this.

I pray that you and your whole team may be blessed.


Camp Immanuel, Czech Republic


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John Duncan

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