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Foundation for the Nations

Council of Reference

Foundation for the Nations Council of Reference

The following leaders in various forms of Christian ministry around the world are happy to endorse the aims and methodology of Foundation for the Nations. (Note: info being added as it becomes available.)

Dr Ajith Fernando

Author, speaker, former National Director of YFC Sri Lanka

Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington

CEO, The Wellspring Foundation, Vancouver.
Former Director of Greater Vancouver YFC

Andy Harrington is the CEO of the Wellspring Foundation for Education, an organization with a vision to show the love of Christ by being a catalyst for transforming education in Africa, and to foster vibrant communities that address poverty in all its forms. With a particular focus on Rwanda, he oversees teams in Africa and North America that work together to help provide a quality education to over 175,000 young people and to empower a new generation of leaders in Eastern Africa and beyond

Working at both grassroots and systemic levels, Wellspring is committed to change in the whole educational ecosystem. Utilizing mechanisms such as in–depth teacher and parental training, advanced leadership programs and asset–based community development, the aim is to build sustainable outcomes that create empowerment, worth and dignity in the individuals and communities involved.

Andy has over thirty years of experience working in development and with youth and young adults around the world, including twenty three years in leadership with Youth for Christ in the UK, Croatia and Canada. He has also led YFC projects in a number of other countries, including as part of the relief efforts for the Asian Tsunami disaster. Andy travels, writes and speaks extensively on a number of issues including Biblical social justice and the need to release a new generation of justice and poverty minded leaders. He has a Masters degree in Missiology, is married to Helen and has two children, Chris and Sarah.

Arlen Nordhagen

President, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Trustees of National Storage Affiliates, USA

David Smith

David Smith

President and CEO of The Genesis Foundation, Sydney, Australia

David Smith is Chairman of the Australia–based Genesis Foundation – with about 150 projects; their vision is to help Christian organisations with strategic planning and seed capital in order to multiply their work and implement growth projects that become self funding.

David has established about 20 businesses and associations. The businesses operated on various continents and have funded Genesis.

Jean–Jacques Weiler

Former National Director of YFC France, Area Director of YFC Europe and President of YFC International

Dr John Agnew, CBE

Dr John Agnew, CBE

Company Director and charitable Trustee
Northern Ireland

Director of the Henderson Group of Companies. Sales £759M year ending 31/12/2017 employing 3,300

Henderson Wholesale Ltd owns the franchise for Spar and Vivo in N Ireland.

The Company provides a marketing, advisory and distribution service to over 400 retailers

Henderson Retail Ltd own and operates 85 Supermarkets, Neighbourhood and Forecourt stores

Henderson Foodservice Ltd provides a comprehensive range of ambient, chilled and frozen goods to the Catering Industry

Henderson Group Property owns the Henderson Wholesale distribution facilities and Henderson Retail property

Widower with a family of two sons, two daughters and eight grandchildren

Other involvements are Gideons, CBMC (Christian Business & Professional Member), Sandes Soldiers Centres and Compassion in Action (India)

Member and Trustee of Crescent Church, Belfast

Trustee of the Ardbarron Trust

Larry Williams

Larry Williams

Associate Pastor of Missions/Executive Director, Hillcrest Covenant Church, Kansas City. Former Area Director of YFCI The Americas.

Larry Williams served with Youth for Christ for 38 years, beginning by leading high school outreach programs in the Duluth, Minnesota area, eventually becoming the Executive Director of the local YFC ministry in Duluth. Leading two YFC Project Serve mission trips to Haiti in the early 1980s gave Larry a passion for helping YFC ministries in the developing world. This led to serving as West Africa Regional Director for YFCI for four years, followed by twelve years as National Project Serve Director for YFC/USA, sending hundreds young people per year to serve YFC ministries around the world. In 2000 Larry was asked to serve as the Americas Area Director for YFCI, which he did until becoming Vice President of Ministries and Field Operations in 2010.

Since Leaving full–time service with Youth for Christ in 2015, Larry has served as the Missions Pastor/Executive Director of Hillcrest Covenant Church in suburban Kansas City. Larry Continues to engage with the Youth for Christ ministry by mentoring a few younger leaders, and helping to introduce people to Foundation for The Nations.

He is married to Gail, who also worked at the YFC/USA and YFCI Headquarters in personnel, insurance, and accounting from time to time as needs arose, and has an extensive counselling and befriending ministry. They have two children and quite a few grand–children.

Merlin Bartel

Pastor of EPIC Vineyard Church in Calgary and CEO of the EPIC group of companies

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