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YFC Uganda LEAD Project

Empowering young people to grow in leadership

The YFC Uganda LEAD project is aimed at empowering young people especially those in leadership positions to grow in leadership, spiritual growth and godly character.  

This project is needed to train godly leaders in Uganda who will be able to positively influence others and their communities. They will break the cycle of poor leadership, dysfunctional homes, and poverty, raising the standard of morality, good governance, functional families and a transformed nation in the long run.

With financial assistance from Foundation for the Nations the LEAD project was able to:

YFC Uganda LEAD Project

Through the leadership talks in schools over 13,000 young people were reached, of whom 2,700 committed their lives to the Lord.   Some of the young leaders have taken up leadership positions in schools or churches.

The long–term impact of the project is:

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