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Foundation for the Nations

 The main aim of this project was to establish a new Christian TV channel called LIFE.TV to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Slovakia & Czech Republic.

With financial assistance from Foundation for the Nations YFC Slovakia was able to purchase equipment to start broadcasting.

24 hour broadcasting started in October 2016 to about 1000,000 homes in Slovakia and Czech Republic through cable operators. This number will grow with new contracts with cable operators.  

The programmes are also available through the internet

Life TV – Slovakia

By involving various denominations Life.TV creates a colourful mosaic of life in the church and brings it to the screens of people who don’t go to church at all.

Examples of feedback via email:

“Every time I switched Life Tv on, it brought me real life – the name really characterizes the contents that you bring. It is as if you were pouring living water to dry places and raising every shrivelled plant in our spirits. I am often so encouraged that I suddenly get eager to fight again, even though I was quite exhausted before. Just as Jesus said, that His words are Spirit and life – also your words are a movement of the Holy Spirit and bring life from the Lord to places where encouragement is needed. And this way you can bring it to many places at the same time, you can reach and touch more people than by meeting them personally.”

“It is an amazing miracle that God did in Slovakia – the fact that you have and run I am excited about it and about the programs. My husband and I watch it through the Internet and we really thank God for you. He showed me a new level in my life through you. Thank you and your team very much and let God’s kingdom spread through all denominations in Slovakia and Czech Republic.”


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